Founded in 2001, the Global Indigenous Women’s Caucus (GIWC) advocates for Indigenous women and girls’ concerns and their full participation in policy-making, standard-setting and development of international law. The GIWC is inclusive of Indigenous women and girls from all regions of the world, and it has been supported by Indigenous Peoples, non-governmental organizations, United Nations (UN) bodies, academics, and individuals committed to the advancement of the rights of Indigenous women and girls.

The GIWC comes together every year at various UN meetings and provides an open space for dialogue, network-building, leadership training, and the development of collective strategies within UN processes. The GIWC represents a unique global voice many of its recommendations have been successfully adopted in the work of the UN with Indigenous Women and girls and Indigenous Peoples in general.

Click here for more information on the GIWC preparatory meeting held March 27-30, 2013 at the American Indian Community House in New York.

If you are an Indigenous women or an Indigenous women’s organization and want to know more about the GIWC’s organizing for the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, please contact the GIWC GCG Representatives at:

Click here to connect with the GIWC on Facebook.

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