About the Global Coordinating Group

In response to the General Assembly resolutions Indigenous peoples have developed a number of initiatives aimed at ensuring Indigenous peoples are able to participate in this meeting as well as the preparatory and post Conference processes. For example during the 10th session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, the Sami Parliament of Norway offered to host a preparatory meeting of Indigenous peoples in June 2013 to consolidate Indigenous people’s strategies and inputs. A concept paper was written in July of 2011 by Indigenous peoples outlining the keys areas where Indigenous peoples need to focus their attention in order to maximize the opportunity this meeting offers and in January 2012 an open-ended Indigenous Peoples’ Brainstorming Meeting on the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples 2014 was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. That meeting adopted a resolution establishing the formation of an Indigenous Global Coordinating Group (GCG).

The GCG has met regularly since its establishment. Each region or caucus has been represented by at least one or if funds have allowed two members. The GCG has created Terms of Reference for itself as well as for the Indigenous co-facilitator. It has also formed a fundraising committee and a communications group. All members serve in their volunteer capacity.

The GCG is primarily responsible for lobbying for the full and effective participation of Indigenous peoples in the preparatory processes leading up to, during and after the World Conference as well as raising funds to ensure that the Indigenous preparatory process is realized.

All GCG members are responsible for the dissemination of information, fundraising and planning within their respective region or caucus. Click here for a current list of GCG regional and caucus representatives.

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