About The WCIP2014 Site

This site was created by Indigenous peoples to share information, keep Indigenous peoples informed and create an online forum for the voices of as many Indigenous peoples to be heard as possible.

Not as many as would be ideal will be able to attend the high-level plenary meeting to be called the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples (HLPM/WCIP) in 2014 in person. This site documents the messages, photos and news from Indigenous peoples about the WCIP and provides a way for more people to participate.

Thank you to all who made this site possible and thank you for sharing your ideas and feedback about how to make this site as useful as possible for as many Indigenous people as possible. To volunteer translation assistance and help create a version of this site into your language, please contact us.

Indigenous Made

Members of the Global Coordinating Group (GCG)’s Communications Committee made this site possible with the help of many. It was coded and hosted by an Indigenous owned company, Buffalo Nickel Creative, located on the Osage Nation in Oklahoma, U.S.


GCG Landing Page Christo Doherty_200

Photo: Traditional Zulu basketwork building techniques, Dingaanstad, Northern Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Christo Doherty.







GCG Navajo Hogan Ken Schwarz_200

Photo: Diné (Navajo) hogan. Ken Schwartz.




Typical house, Chondro tribe, Sreemangal (Srimangal), Division of Sylhet, Bangladesh, Indian Sub-Continent, Asia

Photo: Typical housing of the Chondro tribe, Sreemangal (Srimangal), Division of Sylhet, Bangladesh, Indian Sub-Continent, Asia. Pavel Gospodinov Photography.








GCG Teepees Alyssa macy_200

Photo: Teepee at sunset, Simnasho, Oregon. Alyssa Macy, Wasco/Navajo/Hopi, Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Oregon.


Photo: Playing taquara flutes. Wilfred Paulse. Wildfred Paulse Photographs.


Photo: Idle No More. Nadya Kwandibens, Anishinaabe, Northwest Angle #37 First Nation, Red Works Studio.








Photo: Ainu Salmon Festival. Documentary Arts Asia.

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